Anti-Hail Netting

Hail netting is used in a variety of crops to eliminate damage caused from unseasonable hail events.  By draping it over the tree row, INSEASON’s hail netting prevents the possibility of crop loss and keeps the fruit from hail damage.


Custom widths and lengths

1.8 mm aperture

60 gsm

Highest Denier (D) in its class

Knotless weave pattern for multi-linear flexibility

Longest lasting netting available


INSEASON’s Hail Netting uses the same proprietary weave pattern as our BeeFree™ to prevent hail from penetrating into the tree canopy and damaging the fruit.  It is the most effective method to ensure your crop stays safe during untimely hail storms.  Our seamless weave pattern uses a knotless weave to allow it to flex in any direction.  This allows for an easier application and removal, as well as decreases the ability for snags to damage the netting.  Our 1.8 mm aperture ensures even the smallest hail formations cannot penetrate the netting.