Citrus Products

INSEASON Ag is a supplier of quality agricultural citrus products and films that are proven in the industry.   From frost protection, bee exclusion, to tree wraps, we can provide top quality materials to meet our customer’s needs.  Our knowledge in plastic polymers has gained us partnerships with proven manufacturers who can produce industry leading quality at the most competitive pricing.  Dedicated to innovation, we provide state of the art mechanical testing for each of our products, and continue to take up-to-date research to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Our bee exclusion netting, BeeFree™, is available in several weave patterns which include reinforced edges and seams to create the strongest, longest lasting, and most effective netting available.  Used commercially in California, Chile, Spain, as well as other citrus growing regions, our netting is proven to be the best choice to eliminate unwanted pollination during bloom.  INSEASON has also developed an innovative frost protection system (TreeGloves®) for newly planted citrus groves that is used extensively throughout the citrus growing regions.  It greatly increases temperatures during cold winter nights, and creates an optimal growing environment throughout the day to increase plant growth and vigor.