TreeQuilt™ – Frost Protection System

TreeQuilt™ utilize the same heat containment system as TreeGloves® as a source of frost protection for fully producing orchards.  Used primarily in the lemon and mandarin markets, TreeQuilt™ is the most effective and cost efficient solution for frost protection available.


Heavy duty material to last multiple seasons

CIBAA rated UV coating for increased lifespan

Reinforced seam

Breathable and light transmissible

4-6°F increase with irrigation

More cost efficient than propane-based wind machines


TreeQuilt™ is made of the same breathable, lightweight material as TreeGloves®, but is made in a heavier duty material to ensure a longer lifespan.  Easily draped over orchards using a netting machine, growers can apply the material in the winter to ensure their fruit is protected from freezing nights.  Available in 20-46 foot widths, TreeQuilt™ can be manufactured to fit any size tree.  TreeQuilt™ is also applicable in other cropping systems as a source of frost protection.  Blueberries, tomatoes, jalapenos, strawberries, and other crops that are susceptible to freezes can use TreeQuilt™ to protect their crop.