VineDry® – Premium Table Grape Covers

VineDry® is used in the table grape industry to protect the grapes from unseasonable rains.  Our proprietary polymers create the strongest film available to ensure VineDry® can withstand even the strongest of storms.


Proprietary 3-layer formula

Highest tensile strength in its class

Increased puncture resistance

CIBA rated UV coating for increased lifespan

Available with Infrared Inhibitors to decrease canopy temperatures up to 10°F

Available with Anti-Drip Formulation to prevent condensation

Available with a reflective film layer to doubles as bird prevention


INSEASON has incorporated its knowledge in plastic polymers and fillers to provide the highest quality, longest lasting, and most technological film available to growers.  VineDry® has the highest puncture resistance, tensile strength, and transverse directed elongation percentage of any other film on the market.  Coupled with our ability to add fillers such as IR Blockers, Anti-Drip Formulas, and Reflective Layers to deter bird populations, VineDry® is the most advanced film available.  The film can be specifically manufactured around growers’ requirements, and is available in different colors, fold patterns, and perforation alignments.

In Season Ag Table Grape Products VineDry (vineyard)

VineDry® AD adds an additive that reduces the surface tension of the film to drastically reduce the size of water droplets due to condensation.  Instead of water molecules coagulating together, VineDry® AD will make a thin layer of water that disperses evenly throughout the canopy and easily slips off to the sides.  By doing so, this can increase light transfusion by 20%, and can reduce disease pressure caused from excess condensation.

VineDry® IR incorporates a middle layer additive to the film that reduces the amount of infrared radiation that can penetrate into the canopy.  Commonly used in greenhouse films, VineDry® IR can reduce canopy temperatures up to 10°F, promoting a healthier growing environment and reducing disease pressure.  While still allowing UV radiation in through the film, adequate PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) levels are available to the vine.

VineDry® RF adds a layer of metallized aluminum to the top portion of the film to act as a great bird deterrent.  The layer is 98% reflective, but is thin enough to allow UV radiation into the canopy.  With an OD (Optical Density) of 1.5 microns, VineDry® RF can effectively deter birds from the vineyard, and greatly disorient them when a breeze shifts the film around.