BeeFree: Anti-bee Netting

BeeFree is applied to prevent unwanted pollination in Clementine and W. Murcott citrus groves.  Our netting is the highest quality, longest lasting, and provides the highest exclusion rate available.

Micro, Macro, & Flexi Weave Patterns

UV Coated with Chemical Resistant Additives

Highest Exclusion Rate in its Class



BeeFree is used throughout the citrus growing regions of the world to prevent unwanted pollination to occur in certain seedless mandarin varieties.  INSEASON provides only the highest quality materials, and BeeFree is made from only C-52009 HDPE with the highest rate of UV inhibitors available.  This creates the strongest, longest lasting netting with the highest exclusion rate to ensure growers their orchard is free from bees.   Our knotless weave pattern (BeeFree ADVANCED) is becoming an industry standard due to its increased puncture resistance and its inability to tear down the seam.  By limiting the amount of plant ‘grow through’ during the time it is applied, BeeFree ADVANCED is the strongest, longest lasting netting available.