TreeGloves®: frost protection system

TreeGloves® are used throughout citrus growing regions as a frost protection method for young trees.  Capable of increasing canopy temperatures up to 15°F with irrigation, growers can feel secure in cold winter nights knowing their orchard is safe.  TreeGloves® also increase daytime temperature via the greenhouse effect and create an optimum growing environment for young trees during the winter and spring months.


Pre-stitched, heavy-duty bag

Easy-on/Easy-off for reduced labor cost

Increases canopy temperature up to 15°F with irrigation

Increases daytime temperature for increased plant growth

Breathable and light transmissible

Reusable for multi-season use


TreeGloves® utilize a heat containment system to trap the warmth from irrigation water inside the canopy of the bag.  The system is used throughout the citrus growing regions as a frost protection method during cold winter nights.  TreeGloves® are pre-stitched in a 3 foot by 4 foot bag for first year citrus trees, but can be specially manufactured in larger sizes to fit 2 year old trees as well. Growers apply TreeGloves® in late Fall, and will leave them on until mid-Spring to ensure that the newly growing buds are protected from any freeze event.  TreeGloves® also increase daytime temperatures via the greenhouse effect, and creates an optimal growing environment during the months they are applied.

TreeGloves® are applied in young citrus groves throughout the fall to early spring to protect them against freezing winter nights.  They are pre-stitched in a 3 foot by 4 foot bag to fit around any 1 year old tree, but can be custom manufactured in a larger size for use on 2 year trees as well.  They are breathable and light transmissible to maintain maximum photorespiration rates.  Coupled  with irrigation water, they can increase canopy temperatures up to 15° F.  The temperature increase is directly correlated with the volume of water emitted from the drip line, as well as the temperature of the water.  They also increase daytime temperatures (up to 15° F) via the greenhouse effect, and promote vigorous plant growth.