ReadySet® – Premium Reflective Film

ReadySet® is used in the stone and pome fruit industries to provide more light to the tree canopies to help uniformly color up the fruit.  Out material uses the highest optical densities to ensure the highest reflectivity rates to optimize PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation).


5 feet by 4000 feet rolls

2.5 (OD) optical density

98.7% reflectivity level

Proprietary PP Blend for increased strength

Highest tensile strength available

Increased puncture resistance to increase field life


INSEASON’s ReadySet® is commercially used to increase PAR into the canopy to uniformly color fruit.  By evenly dispersing light up into the tree canopy, ReadySet® helps growers deliver the best quality product to their customers.  Through the use of our testing equipment, we have been able to manufacture the highest quality film with the industry leading reflective percentage.  Compared with others, ReadySet® has the highest tensile strength, highest puncture resistance, increased elongation percentage, and has the highest reflectivity rating available.  These characteristics help ReadySet® resist the wear-and-tear that exists in the field to further extend its lifespan during use.